Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mobiles Stolen, Or Are They Lost Every 12 Seconds

According to Halifax Home Insurance, a mobile phone is stolen every 12 seconds in the UK costing £390 million a year. Is this the data on an epidemic of mobile phone theft or a reflection in the sort comings in Halifax Home Insurance’s policies when insuring mobile phones?

Did you know ... figures published in 2006 show ...
1.3 MILLION mobile phones were stolen
1.6 MILLION mobile phones were lost
600,000 mobile phones were dropped in the toilet
400,000 mobile phones were dropped in drinks, and
200,000 mobile phones ended their life in a washing machine!

Home insurance policies will only cover mobile phone owners for theft. That leaves over double the number uninsured. Thus, forcing 2.8 million mobile phone owners to make fraudulent insurance claims in order to cover the cost of a replacement phone.

Greater Manchester Police ran a month long amnesty on false theft reporting in September 2004. 53 people 'came clean' about bogus mobile crime reports, a saving £16,000 in Police resources. The amnesty, called 'Operation hawk', was intended to publicise the huge drain on police resources from people looking to obtain crime reference numbers for false insurance claims.

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