Saturday, July 08, 2006

CarSpotter and Parker's SMS Price Check both offer vehicle price checks by sms/text message.

Parker's, a UK publisher of car pricing guides, introduced its SMS Price Check in 2004. To check the price of a car, users text the word 'price' and the license plate number to 80806. Parker's then texts back exactly what model and year the car is, and what the going prices are if purchased new or second-hand, in good and in bad condition, plus what the trade price is. The service is accessible on all mobile phones and all UK networks, and is charged at GBP 1.50 per valuation.

Dutch CarSpotter also offers consumers price information by sms to guide them through sales and negotiating. Besides year, make and price, CarSpotter sends users details on a vehicle's maximum speed, horsepower and acceleration. Although the service was meant to improve price transparency and the balance of information between dealers and buyers, it turns out that people also use CarSpotter for fun, texting their employer or neighbour's license plate to find out how much their car is worth. CarSpotter also works for motorcycles. CarSpotter valuations are priced at EUR 1.50, and the number to text to is 2020.

Both services are great examples of catering to consumers' infolust: making information available to them wherever they need it most, accessible through whatever channel or device they prefer, so they can get, in this case, the best possible vehicle for the best possible price. Or at least have something to pass the time while stuck in traffic. ;-)



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